Michael D. ALLEN

MICHAEL D. ALLEN has carved a unique niche for himself among American artists. Each of his pen-and-ink masterpiece maintains a folksy charm while exploring the sophistication of detail inherent in his chosen medium.

A native of the state of Washington, Michael Allen is the second of six children. Since early childhood he received lessons in drawing, watercolor and calligraphy. He briefly attended Washington State University, where he worked in the Fine Arts department, primarily using his beautiful calligraphy talents.

Michael spent six years in the Navy's "Advanced Electronic Program", which provided training for his future primary career and abundant travel opportunities. When his tour of duty was culminated, he returned to the Seattle area and worked for a company which produced silicon wafers for integrated circuitry. He recently elected to reduce his high tech work schedule to actively pursue his artistic goals.

Michael's favorite medium is pen and ink. One of his favorite subjects to draw are buildings. He has an innate sense of selecting structures with a certain character or 'charm'. "Homestead" is an excellent example of his detailed sense of discipline and patience which is required to effectively capture the logs, rocks and foliage. Another avenue Michael explores are unposed 'snapshots' of special moments. An example of this is "Katie", a poignant glimpse of a child with her best friend.

Michael's overall goal is to create drawings that communicate the same feelings to the viewer as they do to him, the artist. His work has been commissioned throughout the Northeast, Northwest and Canada.


Michael D. Allen
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